Your holidays in Tuscany: enjoy the beauty of Montepulciano

Tuscany holidays are a synonym of elegance, fun and well-being. In particular, holidays in Montepulciano will make you think about the good smell of wine and the beautiful colours of the landscapes.

The enchanting position of Etruria Resort & Natura Spa offers a splendid view of Montepulciano, the town which preserves lots of Renaissance beauties, deserving the epithet of "Pearl of the Renaissance". The Resort is located only a few hundred meters from the Town Center, easily reachable on foot.

Montepulciano stands on a high limestone ridge, with an elevation gain of 605 m.

The walls that surround the town were designed and built by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, under the direction of Grand Duke of Florence Cosimo I De' Medici in 1511.

Montepulciano is well known world-wide for its fabulous Vino Nobile, one of the best wines of Italy, and for the grandeur of its renaissance buildings and the elegant beauty of its churches.

The main street of Montepulciano stretches for 1.5 kilometers from 'Porta al Prato' to 'Piazza Grande', located at the top of the hill. The main landmarks include the Church of "Sant'Agostino", built in 1285 and restructured in 1400.

You can't miss the stunning 'Piazza Grande', with the Cathedral of Montepulciano, constructed between 1594 and 1680, that includes a masterpiece from the Senese School, the triptych Assumption of the Virgin painted by Taddeo di Bartolo in 1401.

You also cannot overlook  the "Palazzo Comunale", designed by Michelozzo, the "Palazzo Tarugi" and the "Pozzo dei Grifi e dei Leoni" (The Griffin and Lion Well).

At the foot of the hill it stands the sanctuary of San Biagio, surrounded by an unforgettable scenario. It is a typical 16th century Tuscan building, designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder on a pre-existing Parish church, between 1518 and 1545. It has a circular (central) plan with a large dome over a terrace and a squared base. The exterior, with two bell towers, is built in white travertine.



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